When life takes you through a roundabout


Interruptions. They hijack our days. They irritatingly direct us to make a U-turn or choose a different exit on the roundabouts of life.

The powers-that-be constructed a roundabout at the entrance of my subdivision this Spring. The crews closed it down for a week so we were forced to drive out the back end of the neighborhood. It reopened then closed again this past Saturday. I forgot and was forced to do a U-turn and drive in the opposite direction of my desired destination.

Isn’t that how our days go? We meticulously plan then mindlessly plod through our routines. But sometimes. Most days. Something or someone intrudes our sacred schedule. Our day then has us looping around and going in an unintended direction. In the meantime, all the projects and people we had on our list are relegated to the bottom. But the interruption lands itself on top, demanding our time, testing our patience, and pressing us to re-think the direction we were headed in the first place.

We then find ourselves stuck in this roundabout with more decisions to make.

We can choose how we react. I attended a writers conference a couple weeks ago and met with one of the faculty to evaluate this blog. She suggested I narrow the audience by rethinking its focus.

I was headed in one direction then this 15-minute appointment had me looping around in another. But this woman offered professional wisdom and guidance, and I was not going to toss it aside.

My thoughts snagged on her thread of advice and this re-direction. I realized interruptions bombard us daily. It made me think. Even when intrusions thrust us in a different direction is that always a bad thing?

We should seek counsel. I mulled over her suggestions on the long ride home and for the last couple weeks. (Now you know why you haven’t seen a post from me in a while!)  I’m heeding her advice and taking the focus of this blog in a slightly altered course. We will not stray from the scriptures but continue to look at them for wisdom. The difference is the new, narrowed focus–An Interrupted Life.

I could stay with the status quo, but when seeking advice it’s wise to consider it. The scriptures remind us, “the wise listen to advice” (Proverbs 12:15). King Solomon didn’t say we needed to act on it, but we should ask ourselves, “Does this ring true?”

We should remember we belong to a God who is with us. In this new focus, we will tackle those daily intrusions knowing God is on the journey with us. We’ll search for His purposes in these interruptions.

We could choose to navigate life on our own, but why would we when we have a God who loves us and desires the best for us? I hope you’ll join me as we navigate the roundabouts of life knowing God is guiding us and whispering,

This is the way, walk in it” (Isaiah 30:21).


What interruption have you been forced to deal with lately?

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