Do you want Jesus?


I taught a Sunday morning children’s life group a couple weeks ago. This question was posed to the children: “Do you want Jesus?” The context for the question came out of Colossians 1:15-2:3 where Paul exhaled the supremacy of Jesus on parchment. Continue reading “Do you want Jesus?”

A sacred encounter in an unremarkable place


My husband and I just returned from a dream trip to Italy. Sandwiched between our visits to Florence and Rome we took a train to the Cinque Terre towns bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Rising early the next morning to beat the crowds, Continue reading “A sacred encounter in an unremarkable place”

When darkness shrouds the light…a few thoughts on the solar eclipse


My husband and I witnessed the total eclipse of the sun last Monday, August 21—a day foretold by scientists with precision. I’m not really into science and wasn’t sure what all the buzz was about, Continue reading “When darkness shrouds the light…a few thoughts on the solar eclipse”

Lessons from the Garden

Processed with Rookie Cam(Photo credit: Derek Cressman)

My friend and I started a garden this past spring. Our church offered a 20 x 20’ plot of land to its members. Since it’s a missional garden, the church asked the gardeners to give away some of the abundance.

When I asked my friend to share a plot, Continue reading “Lessons from the Garden”

The Boomerang Effect of Delight

A couple weeks ago, before my husband left for work, he discovered a fawn snuggled in a straw bed in our backyard. He implored me to look. In a foul mood, I took a cursory glance from the deck (where you could see nothing) and walked back into the house. For heaven’s sake did he expect me to walk down the stairs and across the driveway to see a fawn so early in the morning? Continue reading “The Boomerang Effect of Delight”

When You Wonder If Your Life Matters


“My life doesn’t matter.”

She’d been beaten and bruised, not the kind visible to the passerby but inside where it’s left unattended. The toxic wound stayed festered, scabbed over, and reopened but never fully healed.

The words taunted and played out in her daily life–how she lived, talked, and related to others. This estimation was spoken to her by significant others. She woke up each morning and laid down each night, constantly berated by those four potent but untrue words. Continue reading “When You Wonder If Your Life Matters”

The Jesus I Know


I wrote this poem for Bible Study Fellowship share night. The poem summarizes what I learned about Jesus from each chapter of the Gospel of John. Several people asked for a copy so here you go!

He’s the Word made flesh. The One who dwelt on earth.

He turned the water to wine and displayed His glory and worth.

He’s the One and Only Son, sent to save us from our sin.

He’s the well of living water so we’ll never thirst again.

He’s the Healer of the sick. He does what the Father does.

He’s with us in the storms. He’s the Bread of Life from above.

He did not come on His own. He tells us, “God sent Me.”

He is the Light of the world. His truth will set you free.

He gave sight to the blind and blinded those who see.

He’s the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for me.

He is the Resurrection. He gives life to the dead.

This King rode on a donkey just as the prophet said.

He has a servant-leader heart. He loved each of His friends.

He’s the Way to the Father, and He’ll come back in the end.

He’s the Vine and I’m the branch. In Him I produce much fruit.

He sent the Holy Spirit to guide us into truth.

He prayed for His disciples. He prayed for you and me.

He was betrayed and denied. No one would set Him free.

He was flogged, mocked, and crucified, but this was not the end.

He arose from the dead. The tomb could not hold Him in.

He appeared and spoke to many. His life was not a facade.

I believe He is the Messiah–the One, true Son of God.

by Sally Cressman