Top Ten Benefits of an Empty Nest


It’s that time of year when our college students go back to school. Whether you are agonizing over the day or are ready to ship off your know-it-all young adult, this season disrupts the home life. Continue reading “Top Ten Benefits of an Empty Nest”

Letting go even when you don’t want to


We sent our youngest daughter off to her senior year of college last week. After eight years of watching the kids leave it’s become easier. We hugged, said our good-byes early, and she took off later that afternoon when I wasn’t even around.

In the beginning this stinging letting go process accosted me unaware. Continue reading “Letting go even when you don’t want to”

A Mom’s Musings from the Rearview Mirror


I’ve been blessed to be a mom for 25 years. I’ve mothered quite poorly in many areas and for many years, but every now and then I would look brilliant–for a moment. I like to think those moments made up for the not-so-brilliant ones.  Continue reading “A Mom’s Musings from the Rearview Mirror”