One piece of advice from a graduation ceremony


My youngest daughter graduated from college last Saturday. The ceremonies were outside in Indiana and mother nature cooperated by giving us a glorious sun-drenched day. As soon as Pomp and Circumstance began, however, tears fell. Continue reading “One piece of advice from a graduation ceremony”

When hope has sunk


Tender shoots of green are breaking through the beds surrounding my house. Lush green grass has replaced the brown patches shedding winter’s dreary cloak. Birds serenade me through my bedroom window. The cursed Bradford pear has exploded in cottony white. The creeks rush with water. Continue reading “When hope has sunk”

When the hits keep coming


Harvey. Wildfires. Irma. When will it end?

I watched with disbelief the catastrophic flooding in Houston, my former home for 23 years. Just seven years ago Nashville was hit with historic flooding in downtown and the surrounding areas.

Lately, it seems the hits are coming faster and harder. Continue reading “When the hits keep coming”

When You Wonder If Your Life Matters


“My life doesn’t matter.”

She’d been beaten and bruised, not the kind visible to the passerby but inside where it’s left unattended. The toxic wound stayed festered, scabbed over, and reopened but never fully healed.

The words taunted and played out in her daily life–how she lived, talked, and related to others. This estimation was spoken to her by significant others. She woke up each morning and laid down each night, constantly berated by those four potent but untrue words. Continue reading “When You Wonder If Your Life Matters”

The Battlefield of Anxiety


The clock reads 3:30 a.m. I can’t sleep. I so want to. Sleep evades me–again.

I’m reading my journal entries from my battle with anxiety, for today is my one-year anniversary free from this stronghold.

Where did it start? I do not know. Maybe it cumulated from years of worrying, building up until the crash. The BIG crash. Continue reading “The Battlefield of Anxiety”

A Mom’s Musings from the Rearview Mirror


I’ve been blessed to be a mom for 25 years. I’ve mothered quite poorly in many areas and for many years, but every now and then I would look brilliant–for a moment. I like to think those moments made up for the not-so-brilliant ones.  Continue reading “A Mom’s Musings from the Rearview Mirror”