Recapturing the Wonder of Christmas


Christmas dinner was finished and the presents unwrapped. My grandmother entered the room carrying a birthday cake with one candle flicking on top. She asked the family gathering of fourteen, “Whose birthday are we celebrating?” Continue reading “Recapturing the Wonder of Christmas”

A sacred encounter in an unremarkable place


My husband and I just returned from a dream trip to Italy. Sandwiched between our visits to Florence and Rome we took a train to the Cinque Terre towns bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Rising early the next morning to beat the crowds, Continue reading “A sacred encounter in an unremarkable place”

When the hits keep coming


Harvey. Wildfires. Irma. When will it end?

I watched with disbelief the catastrophic flooding in Houston, my former home for 23 years. Just seven years ago Nashville was hit with historic flooding in downtown and the surrounding areas.

Lately, it seems the hits are coming faster and harder. Continue reading “When the hits keep coming”

When darkness shrouds the light…a few thoughts on the solar eclipse


My husband and I witnessed the total eclipse of the sun last Monday, August 21—a day foretold by scientists with precision. I’m not really into science and wasn’t sure what all the buzz was about, Continue reading “When darkness shrouds the light…a few thoughts on the solar eclipse”

The Way Through No Man’s Land


My daughter and I went to see the movie Wonder Woman this week. It’s been out since June, so we thought we’d better see it on the big screen before it left the theaters. We loved it and were drawn in for all 2 hours and 20 minutes.

My favorite scene was Diana and Steve wading through a trench in the front line of the “war to end all wars.” Continue reading “The Way Through No Man’s Land”

The Marriage Dance


I volunteered to lead our life group at church a couple weeks ago. After I said yes, I was told the passage: Ephesians 5:22-33—the verses defining the husband and wife’s roles in marriage. Gulp!

I spent the next two weeks preparing because honestly the couples in my life group are more versed in the Bible than I, and my marriage is not perfect by any means.

The controversial verses for women stood out in bold in my mind: Continue reading “The Marriage Dance”

The Boomerang Effect of Delight

A couple weeks ago, before my husband left for work, he discovered a fawn snuggled in a straw bed in our backyard. He implored me to look. In a foul mood, I took a cursory glance from the deck (where you could see nothing) and walked back into the house. For heaven’s sake did he expect me to walk down the stairs and across the driveway to see a fawn so early in the morning? Continue reading “The Boomerang Effect of Delight”